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The Haunted Mansion Fan Club is an information hub and social community for fans to share their experiences associated with the haunted attractions at Disney Company theme parks and to promote fanship and interest in this franchise. No official connection to the Walt Disney Company is in any way implied. No ownership to anything, except where specifically listed, is implied. All images/media are used in accordance with Fair Use laws in the United States, but all attempts are made to apply credits.
At the time the Haunted Mansion Fan Club was first built, and over the following years, permission was obtained for media on our site. However, due to having to move the site to a new host twice, some data was lost in the process. We make no claim to ownership of your media. If you own the rights to any media on this site and credit has not been applied, please let us know and full credit and a link to your site will be promply applied (and we ask you pardon for the error in advance).

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