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Parts of the Prologue excerpted from

The Diary of Emily Cavanaugh

by permission of Fiona Broome at HollowHill.com


Image of the Shipley-Lydecker Mansion (above)

from the book TheShipleys of Maryland by the Shipley genealogical society.

In 1803, Nicholas McCubbin Carroll, nephew of wealthy barrister Charles Carrol Jr (father of Charles Carroll III , co-signer of the Declaration of Independence for Maryland) built this mansion for his daughter Ann Carroll Mason; and in 1851 it was purchased by Charles Shipley, the grandfather of Isabel Shipley Cunningham - cousin of the author of this novel.


Maryland Graveyard photos

James Cunningham


"Reaching Toward Heaven" Cape Cod Gravestone photo

by permission Nancy Nichol/Gallery 6

mother-in-law of Barry Clifford, the explorer who discovered the Whydah Galley - the world's only authenticated pirate shipwreck


Some characters are based on The Ghost Gallery

by Haunted Mansion cast members

based on concepts by The Walt Disney Company

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[Note: As of the writing of this book, "Mdm. Leota" is the only officially named ghost in the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. All other names applied to Mansion ghosts are by literary license, created before the Disney Mansion refurbishments and may not necessarily match the names given by other stories. If you don't like it, darling, write your own story].



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